Data & Tables

The Periodic Table
The single most important "table" for a chemist..

Conversion Factors
Various conversion factors for manys types of measurements.

Metric Prefixes
Many of the most used metric prefixes for chemistry.

Greek Alphabet
Sometimes you need to know the name and symbols for the greek alphabet.

Physical Constants
Various physical constants used in chemistry and physics.

Fundamental SI Units
The 7 fundamental International System of Units

Temperature Conversions
Formulas for interconverting the 3 different temperature scales.

Polyatomic Ions
Names and formulas for many of the common polyatomic ions.

Bond Energies
Bond energy tables for single and multiple covalent bonds.

Covalent Bond Radii
Table showing average covalent bond lengths (radii).

Solubility Chart
Solubility table featuring many different ionic compounds (from wikipedia).

Specific Heat Capacities
Specific heat capacities for a selection of various substances.

Heats of Transition
Heat of fusion and vaporization for some select substances.

Thermodynamic Data
Enthalpy of formation, free energy of formation, and absolute entropy values for numerous compounds.

Colligative Property Constants Data
Boiling point elevation and freezing point depression constants

Acid/Base Ionization Constants
Ka and Kb values for many weak acids and weak bases. Also some values for polyprotic acids.

Standard Potentials
A table of standard (reduction) potentials for numerous half-reactions used in Quest. Here's a representative "shortlist".